Folding Cartons

reverse-tuck-in-carton REVERSE TUCK IN (RTI): Both the tuck in flaps of the Carton are located on the opposite side of each other. The flap on the side of the first panel is folded and tucks into the last panel while the flap on the side of the last panel is folded and tucks into the first panel.
straight-tuck-in-carton STRAIGHT TUCK IN (STI): The tuck in flap of the Carton folds from the last panel and tucks into the first panel. Both the flaps are located on the same panel unlike in RTI Cartons. This style is used for cartons which have a window in the front panel to display the product packed in the carton.
lock-bottom-carton LOCK BOTTOM: The flap on the top of the Carton folds from the last panel and gets tucked in the first panel. The flaps at the bottom are glued. This type of cartons are suitable for heavier products wherein weight is more for the Carton to withhold.
braille-carton BRAILLE: Braille embossing is done on Cartons for the blind people. It has become compulsory for those Pharmaceutical Cartons which are exported to European countries. The Braille embossing is done after the Printing. Height and Size of the dot are very critical for such type of Cartons.
security-printing-carton SECURITY PRINTING: Cartons normally are susceptible to duplicity or counterfeit. In order to protect it from such factors, security printing is done on the Carton. By this Customer can find out whether the Product is genuine or fake. This is done in many ways namely printing with coin reactive ink, printing with transparent ink or hologram foiling.
flip-top-carton FLIP TOP CARTON: Such Cartons are printed if the Customer wants to keep the Cartons open after opening it or just partly uses the item inside it after opening it.
catch-cover CATCH COVER: Catch covers are an easy and effective way of marketing the product. It is generally of two types (a) Flap Type Catch Cover (b) Box Style Catch Cover.
special-carton SPECIAL CARTON: Special Cartons are customized Cartons made as per the Customers requirement.
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