Creative Printers is equipped with 2 state-of-the-art Sheet fed Printing Machines.

KOMORI LS 529 + Online Coater prints high quality jobs with higher reproducibility and color appearance. Press is designed to run at a maximum printing speed of 16000 sheets per hour with ultra-stable print quality. The operation console of the Press is configured with the CIP4 which allows direct ink flow setting of the Press as per standard ink output of the CTP Plate. This helps to print precisely as per standard ink densities. In order to improve colour matching for repeat jobs from Customers The Press is also equipped with a Software which saves ink flow of all printed Jobs for infinite period to help for repeat orders received from the Customer. This saves time and also removes any colour variation for repeat orders.

HEIDELBERG SORMZ 229 Printing Machine is like an old war horse of Creative. It is equipped with 2 printing units and Alcolor dampening system. It can print on various substrates from lightweight paper to Paperboard. It can reach a maximum speed of 12000 sheets per hour.

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